Cesar Garcia,born in Jun 8,1989 is better known among his friends as Bayb CJ, the name that the 25 year old chose to be his stage name at the age of 15. BayBCJ was born in Mexico City and Raised in Oakland California. He formed part of a Youth Record Level from the East Bay known as BUMP Records. Where he developed his interest for audio engineering and song writing. At a very young age he became one of the best in the Youth Record Label and he earned a scholarship to San Francisco State University. Where he began taking classes for audio engineering and artist management. Cesar began to invest his money into building his own Recording Studio. BayBCJ was motivated to do hiphop and reggaeton by listening to Puerto Rican Artists like Vico C and Hector El Father. He started to write and record music for school projects such as HR4437 which is a song he wrote along with other artists in support of the Latino community who were facing deportation. He began to gain recognition around the young latino community in different schools around the Bay Area. After a while he partner up with a friend of his and formed the Group called Los Artilleros. They began to work on their debut album and created tracks such as Bailando Reggaeton, La Lokera, Una Noche De Pasion, etc. Their songs were catching the attention of listeners and soon they began to network with DJs around the Bay Area. Soon after, they transition from performing in just schools and street events to perform in several Night Clubs around the East Bay. They began to open shows for known artists such as the Hip Hop Underground Legend Zion I. Cesar's future was looking bright and promising as he began to grow in the music world. On September 11, 2007, Cesar's life took a drastic shift. He was on his way to the studio when he got into a dispute with strangers on the road that let up to a fight. Cesar got involve in a hit and run incident that took him to Jail, where shortly after he was charged with attempted murder. He spent almost two years in county jail fighting his life case. After a long At the age of 19 he was finally sentenced to 6 years in Prison and sent to San Quentin State Prison.

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